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Mahatma Gandhi states, “The future depends on what we do in the present.” Okay, it’s the end of the day and as you look back on everything that happened today with your mate, what do you see?

Could you have done something different that would have altered the results? Some will say, “Well, if she would have done this…!” If he would have said this…instead of…” For a moment let’s focus on what YOU did. Ultimately, we can’t change anyone, but you can change YOU. Let me say it like this; could YOU do something today that would make your life and the life of your mate worse off? Could YOU do something today that would make your life and the life of your mate better off? Of course, because we have a choice!

Whatever you do in your marriage throughout the day, will determine what it looks like at the end of the day, and it is YOUR CHOICE! What would it look like if you were intentional about everything you did? What would it look like in your marriage tomorrow if you CHOSE to do things that would strengthening it today?

If you will EVALUATE your thoughts, choices, and actions that occurred throughout the day, and adjust tomorrow, you will create a Master Level Marriage.

Evaluate these 3 things at the end of each day.

Did I do everything today to meet the need of my mate?

Each one of us has needs that deserve to be met. Dream for a moment and think about what it would look like if every need that you have today was met? What would it look like if every need of your mate was met, today? What does your mate need every day to make his or her life fulfilled? If each person will meet the need of the other, both will experience a fulfilled life.

Could I have said something in a different way that would have made the tone of my voice more pleasant?

The way we say things matters. Our method and the tone of our voice will set the atmosphere for the conversation. Think back over your day and consider what could have been said differently and make the proper adjustments.

Could I have started a conversation with a softer approach, even though I was upset?

Approaching any situation in an attacking or offensive method will provoke a defensive counter-attack. No one takes kindly to being attacked. Approaching a situation or conversation in a soft way, even though you are upset, will lend to a calm and pleasant day.

Evaluate YOU, concerning these 3 things at the end of each day and see what can be changed to recreate a new day tomorrow. If we self-evaluate first, we will probably discover that many of our extended problems with our mate will be avoided.

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