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Marriage Coaching

What is Marriage Coaching?

Marriage coaching is taking couples through a process in order to help better manage struggles in the relationship. They are teachers rather than therapists. The marriage coaching process requires the couple to recognize where the marriage is now and implement strategies, methods, and techniques to help mend differences and bring it back into alignment.


Acquiring a coach to come along side of you who provides an expert third-person perspective can provide life-changing insights on a marriage.

Why is Marriage Coaching Important?

Marriage is a difficult undertaking, but it can be one of the most rewarding relationships. It does not have to be a burden on one’s life. Marriage coaching does not only improve a hurting relationship, but it can also prevent a relationship from going downhill in the first place. Marriage coaching helps couples take a step back and recognize the problems that are occurring and coming to terms with them while developing strategies to change harmful behavioral patterns. Marriage coaching will allow you to sit down with an experienced expert and have a personalized plan to improve your marriage.

Marriage coaches can see the marriage from the outside and are able to see both sides of the relationship and offer couples coping skills to manage their communication and intimacy issues.

Marriage Coaching vs. Marital Counseling

It is important to understand the difference in marriage counseling and marriage coaching.


Marriage coaching is more relational and personalized. Marriage Coaches may have formal educational experiences, but he/she relies on years of personal experience. Coaches are flexible in meeting times and locations. Instead of meeting in a formal office, coaches can meet in houses, coffee shops, online, etc. They make a strong effort to get to know you personally and your specific marital issues instead of labeling you into a general group of couples who have marriage problems.

Marriage counseling is often more formal, more intensive and clinical. Marriage counselors have formal education experience in related topics such as marital and family therapy, psychology, social work, etc. Marriage counseling occurs in a formal office and has a regular meeting schedule. It is often seen as a more intensive treatment to a marriage because it deals with mending relationships after an event or occurrence (although coaching can do that as well). Marriage counselors have formal education and certification and are able to treat problems with mental health and provide clinical solutions to the problems.

Both marital coaching and counseling are valuable resources and can be utilized simultaneously if necessary. Some couples may prefer to get professional help with a full-time counselor and dive into past hurts by digging up baggage and old wounds while discovering clinical aspects of the relationship.

However, others like the personalization and more laid-back process of coaching through developing goals, focusing on what's happening in the present moment rather than focusing on the past, moving forward instead of reliving painful moments, and the attention to solution-focused and problem-solving methods.


Emotion-Focused: Emphasizes feelings.


Looks Back: Analyzes the past to determine why you behave as you do.


Diagnoses Pathology: Focused on identifying deficiencies or illness.



Open-Ended: Often requires a long-term process to realize insights or change.


Often Undefined: Involves goals that fluctuate over time and are sometimes vague.



Therapist-Driven: Objectives are determined by the counselor (and often the insurance company).


Inconvenient: Should be provided in the counselor’s office (not by app) to be truly effective.

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Action-Focused: Emphasizes behavior.


Moves Forward: Looks to the future to define how you will behave differently.


Calls on Resources: Builds on existing strengths and talents.


Short-Term: Always based on a limited number of sessions designed to achieve quick wins.


Crystal Clear: Built on a fixed plan with goals that are both specific and observable.


YOU-Driven: Objectives are defined by the client.


Flexible: Can be easily conducted in-person or virtually by phone, e-mail or video chat.

How can a Marriage Coach help you?

  • Resolve your conflict

  • Work on a sustainable marriage

  • Create your desired relationship

  • Increase the feelings of intimacy

  • Save your marriage

Are you ready?

Start your journey today and create a fulfilled and enjoyable marriage. Let me help you develop that married life that you dream about. It can be done, and you both CAN DO IT. 

Click below and let’s meet and get your life moving forward.

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