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Elevate Your Pastoral Marriage Ministry and become fully equipped to transform couples' lives in your church. 

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As divorce continues to remain at high percentages, you can prepare the couples in your church for marital health and longevity... without the stress and anxiety of not being equipped with the right material for success.


A proven course to equip church leaders and give them the confidence and the content they need to facilitate premarital or a marriage enrichment which will bring health to relationships. 

  • Even if you already have some material and are experienced

  • Even if you have no material and little experience

Imagine if you could make a difference and bring marital health and longevity to relationships in your church. 

A Master Class in the art of Transforming Marriages

  • Proven strategies: Confidently teach, nurture, and assist change for the couples' future marital health. 

  • Everything you need: Follow each Module as it demonstrates effective content that will inspire your couples for marriage enrichment.

  • Rapid results: Go from not knowing how or what to facilitate to increasing your confidence and ability to deliver a proven plan effectively.

  • Real strategies from real marriage coaching sessions: Everything in the program has been used in many instances in couples' coaching sessions, pastors are using this course, and I teach this in a classroom setting for future counseling and coaching students.

"Dr. Ronnie Gaines’s Master Level Coaching Master Class has been extremely instrumental in my premarital preparation for couples prior to marriage. Couples that have utilized this material have really enjoyed it and feel better prepared for entering their marriage covenant. In addition, I find it helpful as just an overall marriage enrichment for all couples. My wife and I personally have enjoyed using the material as a refresher ourselves. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone!"                                                                                   A. H. Oklahoma

One of the most disheartening things in a church is to see one of your couples in conflict and ultimately the relationship fails and ends in divorce! 

Unfortunately, this happens too often and one of them remains in the church while the other one leaves. 

Just as this is tragic for the couples, so is the lack of the ability for leaders in the church to be equipped and prepared with the right content to coach couples to health before the marriage fails. 

And, while your church has a BIG vision for the health of marriages, premarital and marriage crisis coaching may be frustrating at times. Yet, you have the heart and desire to develop whatever it takes to bring health and stability to relationships. 

But, it still brings us back to this question...what content does it take to bring about marital health?

Hi, I'm Dr. Ronnie Gaines

I am a pastor, professor, the author of BFF: Becoming Your Spouses Best Friend Again, and the host of the Master Level Marriage Podcast.

In my first years of ministry, in the early 2000's, I began to coach married couples immediately. I saw a huge need to help couples, not only in premarital coaching, but also those in crisis.  

I started this process on a small scale as I had not been in this capacity before. I felt like I wasn't prepared or equipped with the right content to help couples to marriage success. 

I knew that if I was going to be effective I MUST get more educated
and equipped to do so. Marriage crisis and marriage failure was not going to end

anytime soon. In fact, over the years, the divorce rate rose. 

To make things more difficult, people began to see me as an expert counselor and it seemed that they thought I had all of the answers and I did not want them to think that I was incapable. 

I knew that I had to do something to increase my knowledge!

In 2014 I finished my Master's in Marital and Family Therapy and worked as a therapist in a counseling firm for about five years. Here is where I saw a multitude of couples in a professional setting. I was able to implement many of the techniques, approaches, and strategies found in every preverbal counselor's handbook. 

This just wasn't enough for me; I needed more. So, I immediately launched into a doctoral degree in Pastoral Care and Counseling and here is where I landed in my wheelhouse. The therapeutic approaches were not as effective as what I thought they could be nor was I seeing the results that were needed for the health of couples. It's not that the methods and approaches were not needed, but it just wasn't producing the results that I wanted. 

I am sharing this because this is what I want for you!

In one of my sessions with a couple, I found a GEM! This would lead to developing the Master Level Marriage Master Class. It didn't happen all at once, but over time, I was able to create this course. Now, I have used it for a few years with many couples in premarital coaching, enrichment, and crisis.

Other pastor's and leaders are going through it and using this Master Class as well.

We had the privilege of meeting Dr. Ronnie Gaines through a challenge we faced in our marriage. It was embarrassing to admit as ministers we needed professional counseling ourselves. Nevertheless, we thank God for Dr. Gaines and his ability to communicate and connect with us in such a basic yet powerful manner. The rich well of wisdom and knowledge that flowed out of him made us feel comfortable and not condemned. Each counseling session became more like fellowship as he poured his heart into our marriage. Today, our marriage, family, and ministry are stronger and better because of it. If anyone from the pulpit to the pews is searching for someone to enrich or help their marriage, we highly recommend Dr. Ronnie's content."                                                                                            J.V. Tulsa. OK

1. You can learn exactly what you need to create foundational and structural methods for marital growth. 

2. You’ll finally understand what generates relationship health in couples and the content to implement and why it works. Blindly following a process might work once or twice, but it won’t work consistently. That’s why so many pastors and leaders try everything possible to help couples and sometimes fall short of the effective and necessary strategies to make progress.

3. Once you have this foundation, adding what you already know to these advanced strategies and approaches will lead to rapid and exponential growth for couples. They will be transformed as they learn to put these strategies into their lives. 


Increase Confidence

Generate a Plan

Feel Equipped

What if you had.....

  • The perfect an d proven curriculum to start changing married couples lives and bringing health to them RIGHT NOW.

  • Actually enjoy talking to couples and felt confident in the material. 

  • Have couples excited about coming to the sessions. 

Inspire couples today and start a journey helping them find marital health with a proven course. 

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