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​National and International conference speaker Dr. Ronnie Gaines is the

creator of the Master Level Marriage Podcast show. He is the author

of “BFF: Becoming Your Spouse’s Best Friend Again”, a professor, and a

Life, Marriage, and Health and Wellness Coach.


Dr. Gaines has a bachelor’s degree in theology of Pastoral Care and Ministry

with a minor in business, a Master’s in Martial and Family Therapy, and a

Doctorate in Pastoral Care and Counseling.

He has been involved in ministry for over 30 years both as a staff pastor,

church planter, and lead pastor. He and his wife Mylisa currently serve as the founding and Lead Pastors of Extreme Church in Pryor, Oklahoma.

Dr. Gaines is passionate about assisting couples in marital enrichment and

helping restore marital relationships in crisis. He brings a wealth of

knowledge and experience to his compassionate approach to marital

enrichment. He has developed a 7 Module Marriage Video Series and

Workbook which contains tools and methods to bring about healthy


Dr. Gaines is a United States Marine Corps veteran. He and Mylisa dated for

6 years, and have been married for over 35 years, and reside in Pryor in the same home in which they raised their family. They have two children,

daughter Kimberlynn, married to Daniel Herndon, and son Bo, married to

Bailey Gaines. They have three grandsons, Brycen (14), Gideon (6), and

Gabe (4). His favorite hobbies are reading and jogging.

His podcast show is packed full of all things marriage where he unlocks the

secrets to a thriving relationship. The goal of the podcast is to empower

couples and equip them with the tools and insights needed to take their

marriages to new heights. Focusing on building strong connections, he caters

to couples committed to creating lasting love and fulfillment. From

communication and intimacy to conflict resolution and personal growth, he

dives deep into a range of topics that impact modern relationships. Check out his podcast and tune in every week for practical advice and inspiration to elevate your marriage.

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Your marriage may not seem as passionate as it did in the beginning, but failure is not the end until you quit!


I coach couples who are in crisis and even after doing everything according to the proverbial marriage counseling book, some relationships were still falling apart. However, when I began to take them through a process of discovering their original friendship, I started to see them fall in love all over again; marriages began to be restored.


In BFF I help couples journey back in time, to become best friends once again, and see their marriages transcend. 

Becoming your spouse's best friend again


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